AASTONE is your one-stop shop for all your kitchen and bathroom needs, simply follow the steps:

  1. Bring an approximate dimension of you space to our showroom.
  2. Our designer will work with you to design a kitchen/bathroom that is both beautiful and versatile. You will be able to receive both 2D and 3D rendering of your kitchen/bathroom.
  3. Choose the styles of cabinet you prefer, and we will give you a quote.
  4. After you are happy with the quote, we send someone to your home to take a more accurate measurement and make any additional changes.
  5. Delivery and installation can be either done by us, or an installer, or yourself!

You can get an estimate or quotation for your kitchen from AASTONE for free, by email or by visiting our showroom to get an estimate or quotation for your kitchen, we need the following information about your kitchen:

  1. Your kitchen dimensions, including walls and windows. If you do not know how to measure your kitchen, please see “how to measure your kitchen”.
  2. Your kitchen ceiling height. location of plumbing. location of electrical stove outlet, location of range hood ventilation.
  3. Dimensions and styles of all your appliances. including fridge, stove, dish washer. range hood and another planed appliance.
  4. Take some photos of your kitchen space, or your existing kitchen.
  5. Choose your favorite kitchen cabinets by a) visiting our showroom or b) by visiting our website.
  6. Send us all these information or bring these information to our designers in our showroom. We will get back to you with an estimate very soon with 3D visual design.
  • Boxes are made of 5/8 melamine.
  • Doors are made of 3/4’’ thermofoil MDF.
  • We have 25 years limited warranty for the doors.
  • Cabinets packed in separate boxes RTA (Ready-To-Assemble).
  • We don’t but our inventory is large and diversified so you undoubtedly find something to fit your needs.
  • A 10’x10’ Kitchen is a basic, L-shaped sample kitchen for universal price comparisons across different cabinet types and styles. The kitchen industry uses the 10’x10’ kitchen layout to give consumers a general idea of what each cabinet door style costs, in order to help find a right cabinet for you with your budget.
  • This sample kitchen includes 10 cabinets listed below.
  • No crown molding, decorative hardware, countertop, sink, faucet or appliances.
  • Delivery, assembly and installation labor does not included.
  • To know exactly what your new kitchen will cost please consult one of our professional designers to get free estimates.
  • Yes, we do. Since we deal with the manufacturers directly, with wholesale pricing and keeps the cost as low as possible, thus explaining our low prices.
  • We do not have a paper catalog. The catalog on our website is the most complete and updated. You will find all our selection and much more information. However, as new products keep coming in and un-popular products will be discontinued, you are very welcome to check out at our showroom.
  • Yes, we do. We recommend that you come by our showroom to pick out the cabinet style. but if you can’t make it. we can do the designing and order via email. Note that you would be required to pay for shipment charges.
  • We do have installers who can install our products for you. However. we also do supply-only orders and you can install it yourself or use your own choice of installer.
  • We provide installation services for kitchen only, not for bathroom alone, neither the pluming, electrical jobs. For those we do not have installation service, we do not take responsibility either for any issue that could have been caused during the installation or the handling.
  • No, you will have to use a side panel to match the cabinet front.
  • We offer quartz and laminated countertops.
  • Shipping costs can be calculated by placing cabinets into the shopping cart and proceeding through checkout.  Once you reach checkout step 3 you will be provided with a shipping quote. This will occur prior to making payment or committing to an order.